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Double Bass Tips

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1. If you want to play double bass drums... ALWAYS play heel up it will save you so much aggravation. Heel down is much harder to co-ordinate and gain speed with - Scott

2. THE SWEET SPOT! For all you metal heads out there who play double bass, the sweet spot is the key to finding your maximum speed. Find the center of your pedal and place the groove between your toes and your foot. You're on your way! - Daniel Mifsud - drummer of Argento

3. Explore different muscle group combinations when playing usual double bass licks. You'll find that you can pull out the same patterns for longer with less fatigue and/or cramping. - Jim ".50 Cal" Deabenderfer

4. Double Bass Technique: It's important to sit up straight when you play double kick. Then lean into the drums slightly when playing your exercises. This will help you keep your balance. - Mike S.


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5. Repetition is key! Often drummmers will put a massive amount of practice in their hands but when it comes to their feet, they feel that it requires less. Quite the opposite is true. Approach your feet and double bass playing just like your hands. Play an exercise, then play it agan and again and again until you have it down real good. The repetitiveness of the exercise is what engrains it. Repetition is how you get good!

6. Ordinary calf raises help strengthen your calf muscles. Many famous drummers swear by this exercise to improve on your double bass drumming. - God

7. For double bass, don't over use. Play your normal beat and when the audience never expects it play the double. Then you leave them wondering how the heck you did that. - Zach

8. If you dont have a double bass pedal and you play a lot like me just hit bass and then the floor tom or other toms right after as fast as possible and it will sound like a double pedal!! SO GO ROCK OUT!! - Kevin Maslan

9. Double bass drum beginners: Start out with straight sixteenth notes and get those down real good first. Then move on to triplets, doubles, etc. Get the basics down first. - Lee Alten

10. Since your left foot is already playing quarters much of the time on the hi hat, it tends to be easier to start many of your double bass drum beats or fills with your left foot. Of course you can always learn some fills starting with your right foot too. Ultimately, go with what's comfortable and what feels natural to you. - Tom

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11. Learning to play double bass drums can be like starting over and can be "very" frustrating. In the beginning it feels like the progress is sooooooo slow! But hang in there because, if you stay with it and practice hard, you will see a difference. - Jonathan Mire

12. Do you play double bass? Do you want to get your speed up? I found a secret to double bass playing that will triple your speed! If you just play a samba at a fast tempo for long periods of time with both feet, you will see amazing results in your drumming. Sambas are fun to play and practice. My double bass playing is twice the speed it was before. - Rocco

13. Play relaxed! Most guys try too hard to force their licks out and they get all tense. When approaching the double kick, you've got to be centered and totally relaxed. Being well-rehearsed ahead of time is key. Don't practice your double bass chops on the gig. - Lailo

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14. Doubles on the bass drum. Spend as much time on the double strokes as you do the single strokes. And make sure you're left foot is just as fast as your right foot. You can work out paradiddles on the double kick too. - X4 Zero

15. Double Bass Pedals. Take your time picking out the right pedals. Do your research and figure out what the top drummers are playing. You don't always have to go with brand names like Pearl, Axis, Yamaha, Drum Workshop (DW) or Tama, you just need to make sure that your pedals are good quality. Also check out newer drum pedals on the market like the Trick Double Bass Pedals or the new Sleishman Twin Bass Drum Pedal. - The drum dog

15. Double Bass Drum Rudiments. Pro drummers have gotten a lot of mileage out of taking basic drum rudiments and applying them to the feet instead of the hands. Take all the basic rudiments like paradiddle, flams, drags, singles, doubles, etc. and apply them to double kick drumming to see good results. - Steve Dunseath

16. For more bass drum secrets, drumming tips, drum lessons, and technique dvds, click on the links below. Don't miss the free double bass drum lessons from Tim Waterson. Learn the secrets to double kick drumming.

17. Create your own bass drum exercises. There are a lot of exercises in books and on videos but don't forget to be creative. Use your God-given brain and create double bass licks and groove patterns that are unique to you.

18. Mimic your hands. One idea for double bass licks is to have your feet play a pattern simultaneously with your hands. This an effective method that's been used by a lot of drummers partiuclarly in solos. It creates a very powerful sound, almost like two drummers playing together.


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Drummers who are known for their Double Bass Playing:
Rod Morganstein, Joe Franco, Scott Travis, Tommy Aldridge, Alex Van Halen, Virgil Donati,
Lars Ulrich, Louis Bellson, Danny Carey, Gregg Bisonnette, Terry Bozzio, Dom Famularo,
Igor Cavalera, Dave Lombardo, Pete Sandoval, Horacio Hernandez, Gene Hoglan, Ginger Baker,
Mickie Dee, Ray Herrera, Vinnie Colaiuta, Pete Sandovol, Mike Portnoy, Friso Van Wijck,
Simon Phillips, Dennis Chambers, Derek Roddy, Marco Minnemann, Gil Sharone and Flo Mounier.

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