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  •  Tons of percussion information on everything from latin drumming to drum circles.
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  •  Drum lessons organized by theme on books, cd's, and DVDs, by pro drummers.
  •  Find great Musician Tips for every kind of musician.

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  •  Lots of resource on how to play drums. Click on any lessons link for more.
  •  Play along with tracks that feature "you" as the drummer at drum play alongs.
  •  Find cool drum gear at Drum Bum like drum tshirts, rock drumsticks, and dvds.
  •  Let DrumsDatabase.com be your drum lessons guide to find any drum lessons you need whether it be beginner drum lessons, intermediate, or advanced.
  •  Don't miss the top ten tips and secrets for winning a drum off competition.
  •  Not a Drummer? Find great guitar tips here.

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