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5 Mistakes that Musicians Make

1. Not having backup gear - I'm amazed at the number of musicians that don't keep backup gear on hand. Guitar players need extra strings, drummers need extra heads... and so on. Make sure you keep a backup supply on hand for emergencies. When you forget, and something goes wrong, it hurts everybody.
2. Not knowing the songs for rehearsal - There's nothing more frustrating when one of the band members shows up to rehearsal unprepared. It holds things up for everyone and wastes time. Learn your part of the music so that your band mates don't suffer.
3. Showing up late - Musicians are notorious for showing up late. As self-employers, we often get lackadaisical and forget that when we show up late, it affects everyone, even our audience who is counting on you to be ready at the announced time. If you struggle with this, set your leave time back 15 or 20 minutes so you always have a cushion.
4. Attitude - Musicians have a tendency to be a little self-centered at times. The pride in their music combined with an ego that often gets propped up by their fans creates a sometimes, holier-than-thou attitude. The best thing you can do for yourself and your band mates is come back down to earth and check your ego at the door.
5. Lack of professionalism - Music is a business. But many musicians think it's a just a party. Those that never learn the difference will find themselves at 40 years old with little income and little to show for their careers. If you change your attitude toward your music and approach it like a business, you will see great results.

Got the Winter Blues?
Sometimes rain, clouds in the sky, cold weather or even just having a bad day will get us in a terrible mood where we don't feel like practicing. One little trick of the trade that will help get you out of this blah mood is to laugh. Find a joke book or a funny website that makes you laugh. Or you can look up funny videos on You Tube. When we're in a good mood, we will feel motivated to practice and of course practicing gets us where we want to be.

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It works great to make your own fills out of a few fills from some of your fave songs. I'm not saying rip 'em off, but take some of this, some of that... and you'll have your own unique style. - Daniyal Khan
Make sure that you can hear the rest of the band! Turn up the monitors so that they are just louder than your drums and cymbals. - FishFinger

Don't drum with the technicalities in mind... play with your heart, not your brain. You will enjoy it far more and people will notice the difference. - Joe

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READ EVERYTHING! Learn everything and dont take anything for granted! You will become the best if you can just read those black dots on a bit of paper! - Marcus Holloway

There are great musician resources online including AnyGig.com which helps you find work for your band, HitMeOneTime.com which has musician marketing tips and BandMix.com which helps to connect local musicians.

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5 Ideas to Spark your Creativity

  1. Pro drummer, Johnny Rabb uses what he calls a "drumble" to get really cool sounds out of the snare. It's a mini splash cymbal with a little handle on it. He sets it on top of the snare drum and lifts it up and down with his left hand while he plays cool rhythms with his right hand in and around the snare and on the cymbal itself. Can you think of a way you could do something similar by creating your own percussive device?
  2. Right-handed drummers will often play left-handed to become more ambidextrous and to spark new ideas. They will also sometimes switch their hi-hat to the reverse side. What are some other ways that you can "trick" yourself into thinking differently on the drums?
  3. How deep is your groove? You would be amazed at the length some drummers go to to achieve an ultra-deep groove. They work with metronomes intensively. They record themselves playing in the pocket and listen back. They study famous drummers that are known for their deep grooves. They even use body motion to "rock" with the rhythm while they play. What other ways can you think of to enhance your feel on the drumkit?
  4. Remember when Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez shocked the drum world with his blazing left-foot clave? No one had ever seen anything like this! Can you come up with your own signature technique?
  5. In the 1800's Peruvian slaves developed drums from wooden drawers and crates. Today, this instrument is referred to as the Cajon. Recently, manufacturers are stretching the limits of the cajon by installing snare-like mechanisms, changing the shapes to resemble bongos and experimenting with port hole placement. I believe we've only scratched the surface on what this simple drum has to offer percussionists. How can you use this wonderful invention to enhance your performance on stage?

There are lots of drummer magazines on the market where you can keep up on the latest drum gear, famous drummers and access free drum lessons and tips. Check out Modern Drummer, DRUM! magazine, Drummer magazine (UK), Rhythm magazine (UK), Drumhead magazine, Classic Drummer magazine, Drums and Percussion (Germany), Sticks magazine (Germany) and Drum Connexions (New Zealand).

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!
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If your iPad is constantly falling while you're playing drums, consider buying a sturdy iPad mount and position it just to your left where you can access it conveniently and safely.
If you're a professional, working drummer, you need to have business cards and a professional-looking website. Put your website address on your business card and within one second you can get it in the hands of that singer or guitar player that heard you play at a jam session. Something like this makes a great impression on prospective employers. It shows you're serious and prepared. - Mike

Aside from picking the color of your drumset and putting a fancy drum head on the front, you can also personalize and accessorize your drums with things like fancy bass drum claws and cymbal toppers!

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Don't speed up during the chorus. Most people tend to and it screws the whole band up newbies. - Tommy Deweese
I got this from the great Carlos Santana: Listen with your ears but play from your heart. - Joey Turrubiate
Always losing your drum key? Put it on your keychain! With the new quick-release drum key all you have to do is pop it off the ring, tune your drums and pop it back on. Voila! Simple and easy!
Always tell yourself you are the drummer. Never give in to anyone else's negativity. And always practice to learn new techniques, because you never stop progressing. - Billy

Get inside the head of non-drummers and non-musicians to find inspiration. Whether it be Miles Davis's spacing or your favorite movie or your wife's cooking, you can get a urge to play the best music possible. Charlie Haden said (and I'm probably getting it wrong) that trying to become a better, happy, and more focused person can help your playing greatly. Soak up as much music as you can and get inside the music. Have Fun! - Nathan Boucher

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Trick to marketing your band: Get your band's name imprinted on cheap drumsticks. Don't play with them but pull them out of your stick bag a few times a night and throw 'em into the crowd. You can also put them on your merch table along with your T-shirts and CD's.

Many drummers will try to spark their creativity by playing only with kick, snare and hi-hats. Try kick, toms and cymbal only. Get rid of the snare drum! It's tough at first (you'll see how reliant you are on the snare) but you'll get used to it and it leads to all kinds of creative ideas. - Piazz

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!
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You no longer have to go to a general music site to look for certain specific items. For example, if you're looking for a drumstick bag, simply go to stickbags.com or if your looking for drummer dvds, go to drummerdvds.com. - Mike

Did you know you can come up with some real interesting sounds within a latin type of groove by switching from 6/8, 3/4, and 12/8? Shane Roney shows you how in this African Bell Drumset Lesson.

Turn the music down just a notch or two. This will help save your ears. - Bill B.

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Practice the drums just a half hour longer. It adds up and will make you a better player. - Inda

Practice double stroke (long roll

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Be just a tad kinder and more respectful to your fellow musicians. It makes the working atmosphere so much better and eases tension between bandmates. - Tom
Start everything off slow and gradually speed up the tempo. it will maake it much cleaner sounding - Tyler B

Playing double bass by both heels up, you will get tired quicker. Practice with heels down unless you have strong calf muscles. Yes, playing by heels down will get your speed reduced slightly, but this way, your bass kicks will be more accurate and well-timed so by practicing you could get your to your full speed. - Shayan

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Don't let the guitar player (any guitar player) tell you how to tune or how to play your drums. If they knew what they were talking about, they'd be the drummer. I had a guitar player explain that the beat goes "like this. Blap...blap, blap, blap... blap, blap." - Cliff Phillips

Screw up a beat or fill. Once... it's a mistake. Twice.. it's intentional. Three times is Jazz! - Juice

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!
Drums - Drumset - Drummers - Percussion

For all you singing drummers... I highly recommend investing in in-ear monitors. You will wonder how you ever performed without them! - Juice
If a non musician,or Musician is Ragging on you about your playing don't let negativety shake your confidence, just focus on what you do well and build from their,and always know, they were where you are at one time.KEEP ON DRUMMING,!! - takesix

I bought a well worn 3 drum marching tom set.(Pearl) from a local drum shop.After a thorough cleaning and polishing,I mounted them on a modified "rack" next to my high hat.New heads and a little tighter setting and I have an awesome 3 timbale set for under one hundred dollars.Look and sound great - Steve Hlabse

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DON'T PLAY HEEL DOWN!! You get far more power and speed utilizing all leg and glute muscles as opposed to just your shin muscles. With a little practice Control comes later. Also, Your shins won't burn anymore because your no longer over working them. - Neal
When you lose motivation go to youtube and check out some solos. - someone
Always try to have 'emergency' drummers. in case you cant make it a certain gig, they can come in handy - Ebo
Show some respect towards your band members even if u have more links,you are the oldest and/or you play the most important role in the band. - Ebo

If you're in a class room on the computer etc. practice bass drum techniques. It really helps. When I was in school i was bass drumming in school and then the day before that i couldn't play the bass speed critical acclaim or a little piece of heaven.(both by avenged sevenfold)and in a few days i could play them. I use heel-down - The Kong

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Not "practice makes perfect" but rather, "perfect practice makes perfect." Also, for those wanting to reduce the noise level for practicing there is a product out there by HQ and I think also Evans called, "Sound Off." They are rubber pads that fit on the drums and cymbals to reduce the sound levels. Don't sound very good but certainly live up to it. - John

Sit a little higher than you usually do. this will help getting a comfortable position on the padels. - Maxx

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!
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AUDACITY wich is recording software (free download) can import mp3 files and has the capability to modify the tempo without changing the pitch. Great to chart songs, figure out beats and practice at a slower tempo until you get the song right. - J.P.
Be careful what "tips" you read on the Internet. Anybody can post anything about anything here. My rule of thumb, if the poster can't spell or speak proper English it's probably bad info... - Really Guyz?

When you're not around a drum set at all and your listening to your music put your foot up like you would on your pedals on the flat ground and just go along with the song it works your muscles and it honestly works. I did this while riding the bus to school *which was a 45 min drive* and i would practice songs I knew well and had some fast parts I would struggle with after doing this for awhile I could see an improvement with my double bass. Hope this will help someone. - Double Bass Help : Jeff A

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Every tip I have read so far is tested and true. In my experience, limited ofcourse, I have found that the best drummer does not always get the gig. Sometimes the music calls for simple and tight. With that said a mojority of the auditioners can get the call. So there not looking for the best? there looking for the best person, personality, someone whos secure and confident and not arrogant. I learned the hard way. I auditioned for a blues cover band, I talked like I knew it all, Vinnie..Gadd..groove...pocket...OH brother!!! - dave
Felt or cloth on drum skins. To everyone who keeps saying to tape felt or a cloth to either side of your drums; your stupid. With correct tuning of drums that annoying ringing sound will go away. If this ringing is still there, clearly you havent tuned your drum correctly. Yes, snare drums will usually have a metallic like ring and the best way to fix this, besides correct tuning, is with a plastic studio ring placed (not taped) on your drum; if that slight metallic sound is not what your looking for. So, in conclusion, learn how to correctly tune your drums. - Sam
To help with your balance on the throne get you as wide a seat as posible.some people find it easier to sit out a little farther toward the front of the throne.and remember that getting there is half of the fun.good luck. - cheezee
A good way to increase bass drum speed (for me at least) is to do triplets on the hihat and bass drum but dont try and use methods like heel toe or slide, just practice heel down and start slow and increase your speed. once you feel youve gotten as fast as your foot will get then apply your technique. and STAY RELAXED! when you play,play the way you want to play and add your own style. Most drummers that are well known is because they have their own style and flare. john bonham,travis barker,keith moon. all had their own style that made them great. - whitty

You're only as good as you want to be. Theres millions of good drummers but it takes time and heart to be great. Also try making your own drum solos when practicing. get patterns in your head then play them out,then practice the same patterns but in different ways when you get the pattern down - pants-less

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Remember the dimensions of each piece of kit, theres alot to explore - new/different sticks can change the whole set - heart can be heard - play like its your last! be patient with yourself and your current experience but PUSH what you know - Tim Brazzell

Experiment with your set. There is a ton you can do to a seemingly stationary set. Look up Jon Karel for some examples. -Dustin Avery

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!
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Listen to EVERYTHING! even if you consider yourself a proper metalhead, you'l be extreamly suprised at where the artists you hear today got their influences from. Dont put all your eggs in one basket and learn rock styles just because it looks good to play. Some of the hardest things i've learnt, i've found on 80's hiphop records or MEGA old soul records. Seriously, technical beats improve you're playing so much more and you'll be a million times better in the genre you want to advance in! - Liam
Want to increase in speed with your double bass playing? I'm a metal fan and enjoy playing songs from bands such as Lamb Of God, Necrophagist, Decapitated and Opeth but often find my kicking speed isn't quite up to par at first. What I recommend doing is not just simply warming up with generic beats and things but try to focus on different skills that you require to play what you play. I build a playlist of songs to warm up to that use a lot of doubles over quads and doubles over doubles fills. Also things with generic double bass spamming like Masters Apprentices or Spheres Of Madness. I love playing songs by Opeth as they are a progressive metal band and more often then not, slow down the tempo two to three times during the one song then speed back up again so you can "catch your breath". The main thing that I'm trying to say is just to pace yourself (especially if you play metal) and build up to faster, more difficult songs so you don't rush into them straight away, find that your unable to play them and beat yourself up about how you think you can't play very well. In the words of the great Chris Adler: "Drumming is not worrying about what you can't do. It's about having fun with what you can do." - Benny Boy

In order to improve your soloing ability, sing a song you enjoy, & practice that song on your pad & kit. This is a tip learned from Bobby Rosengarden. It's more challenging than repeating patterns from GL Stone's Stick Control. - Woody

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Simplicity is an art. I would rather trade 4's in a jazz trio than play a long drum solo where the band leaves the stand for 10 minutes during at which time I inevitably resort to technical exercises or drum corp patterns. - Woody
If you play drums hoping to find fame, fortune or to impress others, you will never become an exceptional player. You must LOVE playing the drums. Once while he was still emerging as a great, Jeff Hamilton sat in with a trio with which I was playing. After blowing me away with his performance, I began to praise him for his greatness. Jeff's remarked twice,"I don't want to hear it". It took me years to understand what he meant...if I,(Jeff),begin to play for praise, I it might detract from his primary purpose for playing; the joy of it alone. - Woody
Save some money and take a lesson from the best teacher you can find. You might luck out using Craigslist, but likely not. Look up someone like Tommy Igoe or Ed Soph & travel where they are for a few lessons. If you have the experience to know the difference between good & outstanding drummers, google search one & email them. I made a contact yesterday with Joe Tomino; upcoming star. Didn't ask for a lesson, but got a personal response. (2) Learn to read music. It's easier to read music than this message. ALL outstanding players read with only a few rare exceptions. (3) Great players are generally great people. Steer clear from egotistical, self-promoting, players. Egotists promote themselves as great, but truly great players have the gift of humility to recognize limitations. (4) Drummers are like roosters; there's only one per hen house or band. Roosters fight other roosters. The moral of this analogy; drummers may be like roosters, but they aren't. Develop good relationships with other drummers. - Woody
When playing the bass drum if you are having trouble with speed try vibrating your foot on the pad so that the mallet moves halfway towards the drum; then when it is time for a hit simply complete the foot press. - Sawyer

Listen to 2112 by rush, if you can play that you can play anything. try alternative drum and stick techniques. listen to your band mates. try playing in sync with another drummer that you know. learn to read tableture; it is much more useful for drumming than classical notes are. find a style that works for you and stick with it. don't be afraid to ask for help. admit that you don't know certain things. - Sawyer Mifsud

Bulk Drumsticks

Here's a tip for ya: Buy bulk drumsticks for practicing so you don't
have to chew up your good drumsticks. This saves you money!

If your having trouble creating your own style try combineing your three favourite and best drummers to get sort of your own style. (mine is Charlie Benante, Lars Ulrich and Tommy Lee BEST DRUMMERS!) - Tommy Thrax
Hit your drums hard like you mean it, the crowd feels your energy. - Bassem

Recently I was given a 10x10 Tama Rockstar Rack tom. I wasn't sure how to include it into my Starclassic set but...hey it was free. First I tried to tune it as close as possible. After using the usual techniques of duct tape and gel I was ready to give up on this orphan when a flash of brilliance appeared. I bought a roll of weather stripping for windows and doors and applied it directly to the inside of the shell at the edge of the bottom head. Some was applied to the top just below the head as an alternative. I retunned and what a difference!!!. You'll have to experiment but you'll be surprized at the new sound it produces for little money. - RudeDog

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!
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Replace your metal lug flatwashers with nylon ones. This elimenates metal-to-metal friction, and allows for smoother tuning, as the lug rod glides freely over the smooth plasic, with less resistance. - charles savarese
WEAR EAR PROTECTION!! Inner ear plugs are alright, but work site protection (i.e. big orange headphones) make your drums sound like a studio recording. Plus, they're easier put on and take off. - sammy d.

If you have trouble with your Hi Hat clutch unscrewing itself while you are 'mid gig' get some PTFE tape from a DIY store and wind some around the thread of the clutch, this should stop it unscrewing.or at a push use a bit of thin carrier bag! Sticks fly out of your hand? shove one down the back of your pants for a quick replacement!! - john van boolen

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Drum pedal - 1. have a spare spring. 2. even a spare pedal. My pedal spring broke once at a gig I had no spare, I got some strong elastic bands from behind the bar joined them up, fixed one end to the beater and one end to the drum stool...it got me through the gig!! - john van boolen
If you have trouble with the odd 'flying stick' try a tin of stick wax, a little rubbed on the stick just at the grip point just gives it a little tackyness, but I tend not to practise using it so I don't have to depend on it - john van boolen
One basic fact about playing the drums is your ability to bring together the basic and foundational knowledge u've got about the drums... and if u want hint about your double kicking,u av to do your frog jump excersice daily immediately after waking up from bed... if u realy also want to be on the professional side you must come up with the ability of bringing together your strokes like your singles, doubles, paradiddle, triplet and your accents. - aderintoye ayodeji strokefreak

Always get the simple things down in a structured manner but at the same time, try to push yourself ahead of your current abilities.Remember that all the great virtuoso drummers didn't become great by "keeping it simple" Take chances and play for your life, but do so with your mind and a great sense of dicipline. - Bjørn

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As drummers we need to be fit so a Weight training and core body exercises are a vital Part of a exercise Program. These exercises should be done once a day for 30-60min and then repeated every 24 - 48 hours this allows your muscles to recover. Using weights for upper body and sit ups and pushups for a combination of core and upper body strength. And a warm up before you practice is essential as this will help reduce the injury to wrist,arms and legs. Keep drumming. - Tommy
If you want to learn off beat drumming techniques, look up Meshuggah. - nick v

Don't be afraid to air drum. Whenever your just sitting just tap. Imagine your set up infront of you and "play" just try not to look like a spas haha. This is also a great way to learn how to use drums, cymbals and hardware that you don't have. This is how I learned double pedal and got better at clutching my hats.. - Littlelars15

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!
Drums - Drumset - Drummers - Percussion

Below are some sticks that every drummer should have in his bag. Remember, these are just the essential.

*5A Drumsticks (Round Tip)

*7A Drumsticks (Nylon tip)

*2B Drumsticks

*Brushes - Telescopic, with the metal circle at the end for cymbal work.

*Timbale sticks (whether you use timbales or not)

*Hard, timpani mallets.

*Rute (Promark Hotrods, Vater Splashsticks, etc.)


When playing a gig, be sure to put your drums together (toms on mounts, cymbals on stands, etc...) so that you'll be able to set everything up quickly. there's nothing worse than a band that takes forever to set up their equipment. also be sure to get your stuff off stage before you start breaking it down, this goes for everyone else in the band as well. - Austin
To keep a hold on your sticks, use gaffer's tape. It gives you a good grip and doesn't leave sticky residue like duct tape. - AyJay
Know when to keep it simple. It's much better to keep a steady rhythm and simple beat than to try a new fill, slip up, and throw the rest of the band off. - Anonymous
Don't go right into the fast stuff, start slow, then build your speed as you progress. Work on alternating between your hands and feet. What you can do with your hands, you can do with your feet. - Jake
Use a click or click track as often as possible when practicing and playing live. Before you realize it, you will have built a steady meter for those gigs where a click is not practical. - Clay
The tip regarding wet hands caught my attention. There are only 2 things that make your hands wet. Temperature and emotion. - Dave Haynes
Tuning drums is about getting to the desirable sound to a drummers ear and importantly how the drum head feels when the drum is struck.. start by tightening the top head of the drum first and use the traditional cross method with the lugs. Tighten this head concentrating on feel (bounce)how the stick is striking and coming off the drumhead. For the sound, then proceed to the bottom head of the drum. First loosen the head completely. Now start to tighten the head using the cross method and as you tighten the head, the tone and pitch will change. occasionally hit the top head until you reach the achieved sound. good luck - david cournoyer
Try to play a short musical solo with nothing but your bass drum. You will see how this forces you to be creative with less drums. A great exercise! - Leon M.
A recording mistake I see so many drummers make is not mic'ing their hi-hats. The hats so often get lost in the mix and the recording comes out unbalanced. Even drummers that record their drums for a You Tube video more often than not underestimate this. If you don't mic your hats (and all your cymbals), they might not be heard! - Milburn
If you get some old classic or Latin style music and try to fuse it in with your playing or fills, it sounds really cool. Also, with some of these beats you can speed up or slow down to where it sounds out of time when it really isn't. - Brad
Take a look at your hands when you play, if you put one on top of the other, and it looks like you're holding a sword, you're killing your wrists. TO SAVE YOUR WRISTS from carpel tunnel, place your hand on a desk or whatever is available, palm down. Now raise you hand and point your index finger out and tuck your other fingers in. Now tuck in your index finger so that only the first knuckle is visible to you and slide your thumb along side of it like you were pinching someone. Slide a stick in between your thumb and index finger. Practice this way and WATCH YOURSELF. It is hard to learn, but it will help. - Trent C.
Try playing a whole night with very few drum fills. You'll see that it makes you concentrate on the groove more. - Weezil
No matter how experienced you are in drumming and percussion, there's always room to improve, even if you are a retired legend. Always ask yourself, "What can I do to expand my ability. - Andrew McNeill

Over 2000 Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Drums!
Drums - Drumset - Drummers - Percussion

3 Products Drummers are Underestimating/Underutilizing
THE GROMBAL - I don't think drummers truly get this product. Although they're being advertised as "protecting your cymbals", the convenience factor can't be underestimated. When I tried these out, I was simply amazed at how much time it saved me in setting up. With the Grombals on your cymbals, you don't have to jack with the felt washers anymore. Because the Grombals stay on the cymbals the whole time, all you do is stick the cymbal on the stand, throw the wingnut on and you're done! And if you use the Quick Cymbal Fastener in conjunction with the Grombal, you're sittin' high on a hog. Your set up time is reduced even more.

THE KICKPORT - In my opinion, the Kickport is one of the most innovative drum products to hit the market in years. While we've sold quite a few of these, I think that many drummers still don't fully appreciate it's value and just how much it positively enhances your overall bass drum sound. Certainly taste varies with regard to drum sound but I think many drummers will like this product when they try it. It's been one of the top selling drum accessories of the decade.

EAR PLUGS - Ok, you know where I'm going with this one. But I still need to say it. As someone with severe Tinnitus, I hope to encourage other drummers to use ear plugs as often as possible. If you keep a set of ear plugs with you at all times, you'll have them when you're practicing, playing in the band, or even at loud concerts. I can not stress the importance of protecting your ears. You don't want to end up where I am. My ears are ringing at this very moment. I can not make it stop. Pardon my crude comment but, "It sucks!" I would give anything to go back and do it all over again... using earplugs more often.

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Weightlifters often refer to the phrase, "No Pain, No Gain". The premise is that unless you can break down the muscle tissue by strenuous and often painful lifting, you won't build the extra muscle needed to compete. Stop and think for a moment how that might apply to us musicians.
Change your focus from "What licks can I play in this song?" to "How can I make this song sound the best?" Many drummers have this backwards. Always play for the song first. - DrumBum
Need to promote yourself as a drum teacher? Learn SEO and social media. Knowing how to get at the top of the search engine results can go a long way toward increasing the number of students available to you. Visit this link for more tips on social media. - DrumBum
Do you have your own website? This goes a long way in making a good impression. When you can present a business card with "JohnSmith.com" on it, the potential employer can visit your site and quickly get an overview of your qualifications. Make sure it is professionally designed. - DrumBum
As a supplement to the drum lessons you're handing your students, give them a sheet with links to important drum resources online like Pas.org (Percussive Arts Society), DrumRudiments.com and DrumTips.com among others. As well, point them to a large chat forum like DrumChat.com where they can find thousands of pages of drumming information as well as ask specific questions about drumming. - DrumBum
Everyone has their favorite drummer but don't just listen to them or you might start sounding exactly like them. While that in and of itself might not be a bad thing, it's best if you develop your own personal sound that musicians can identify you with. This happens through varying your influences. Listen to all drummers and work toward building your own unique style. - DrumBum
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Get plenty of rest. Think about the things we have to do to get our bodily exercise. We must rest in order to perform well in the gym to get really good results. And of course eating right and thing like that are important as well. But the point here is rest. When you get enough rest you tend to perform better on your gig. You will mentally be there at your gig oppose to just physically being there thinking about your bed and getting through the gig just to make it. If you get rest, you will just in general enjoy playing on your gig as well. When you are mentally and physically rested, you will perform better, you will have more energy, and you will execute better. If you're tired, sometimes you may unintentionally and unconsciously drag the tempo of the groove that you will be playing. - Rennard Stafford

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