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Check out expert pro drum lessons on books, cds and dvds. Everything from beginner
drum lessons
to advanced instruction taught by the best drummers in the business.
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Check out all the online drum lessons at DrumChat.com.
Tons of free lessons on numerous educational topics. If that wasn't
everything, you can stick around and "chat" about what you just learned!


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Drummer DVDs

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Beginner Drum Lessons, Rudiments, & Advanced Techniques.


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a drumset together, cool rock drumbeats, blues beats, shuffles, drum fills, and more!

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Pat Petrillo, Virgil Donati, Ringo Starr, John Blackwell, Chad Smith, Tony Williams, Rod Morganstein,
Joey Kramer, Lars Ulrich, Vinnie Colaiuta, Kenny Aronoff, Keith Carlock, Mike Portnoy, Joey Jordinson,
Terry Bozzio, Mike Mangini, Jo Jo Mayer, Thomas Lang, Mickey Hart, Derek Roddy, and many more!


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